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PS3 Controller Fix, Random Button Pushes

(video transcript)

Hey everyone! In this video, we are fixing a ps3 controller and the random button pushes problem it’s having.

This issue is mostly triggered by the left analog stick (L3), but once the controller starts going nuts almost all the buttons including square, triangle, circle, cross, L2, R2, etc. act as if they were being pressed.

This (random button presses) problem happens to all Playstation 3 controllers at some point, that is if they don’t break for some other reason before this happens. Sooner or later, you are going to encounter this issue. And in this video, you can see how to easily fix it.

Step 1 – Start by removing all the screws from the back of the controller

Step 2 – Now, open it carefully. You may need to pry open it. Also, try not to remove the L2 and R2 buttons as they can be a pain to put back.

Step 3 – You may completely remove the battery or just get it out of the way like I am going to do. If you are going to remove it just pull this small socket out carefully. The cables are extremely thin and you can break them off, if you are careless.

Step 4 – Remove the small screw on the motherboard.

Step 5 – Now, slowly pull the motherboard out, but be careful with the L2 and R2 buttons and the thumbsticks.

Step 6 – This bit on the motherboard should be touching this ribbon here (shown in the video) for the controller to function right. The problem here is that the small foam behind the ribbon gets squashed over time and as a result, the ribbon doesn’t properly touch the motherboard, causing those random button presses.

Step 7 – We are going to thicken the foam with a double sided sticky tape. The tape is 1 mm thick and I am actually going to apply 2 layers of it just to make sure this issue is fixed for good.

Step 8 – Since the controller is already opened you may as well clean it and wipe all the dust away. It’s never a bad idea.

Step 9 – It’s time to put everything back together. Make sure to place the motherboard and the battery on their designated slots. Don’t forget the screw on the motherboard. You are now ready to test your controller. If you didn’t mess things up while trying to fix it, it should work just fine.

Thanks for watching. I hope this video made the fix easy for you. Have a good one!

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