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Our Eurovision 2023 Predictions – Part 1 – Who Will Make it to the Final?

It’s finally time for predictions! We will have more to say in the coming days, especially after the rehearsals. We want to make it clear that we will keep an open mind about the songs and will gladly change our minds if we come across a spectacular live performance by any of the contestants.

We want to add, that unlike in our previous videos, this is not a list of our favorite songs. These are just our thoughts on each country’s chances.

Without much ado, here are our predictions.

37 San Marino

If you asked us to pick a country that will definitely get eliminated, unfortunately it would be San Marino. This is not our least favourite song right now, but there isn’t a tiny bit of hope of this qualifying for the final.

36 Romania

This is our least favorite song of the year. We have mentioned before, that we would be very surprised if this song makes it to the final.

35 Albania

This one is not that bad, but again, very unlikely to qualify despite very strong vocals from the Kelmendi family.

34 Ireland

This too is not a bad song, but they will probably be out as that semi-final is packed.

33 Malta
Same goes for Malta. We kind of like this song, but the competition is too strong.

32 Iceland

With those impressive vocals, we can’t believe we are predicting this song to go out. We can’t put a finger on it but it’s probably the song which is not strong enough. Dilja is very talented and she has what it takes to prove us wrong.

31 Azerbaijan

We actually like this song. We ranked them quite high in our favorites video, but when it comes to qualifying for the final, being our favorite means nothing. This isn’t a fan favorite, and they are more likely to go out, than stay in.

30 Poland

Believe it or not, she actually has a shot at qualifying for the final. It was never the song that was bad, it was her vocals. If she can somehow give us a decent vocal performance, this could go to the final. But if she pulls another national final performance, this is definitely out.

29 Denmark

We stand behind our earlier opinion: This song is weak. It has a slight chance of qualification, but that’s not thanks to the song. It is flat out bad.

28 Latvia

Apparently, no one is betting on them to qualify. It’s probably because they are in the tougher semi-final, and that is understandable. We want to think they still have a chance of making it to the final, because it is one beautiful song.

27 Netherlands

They recently released a remix of this song and we think that version would have had a better luck of qualifying. Their chances of making it to the final are on a knife-edge.

These were the countries with higher risk of getting eliminated in the semis. This doesn’t mean they are definitely out. They may well prove us all wrong, and any of the countries we will mention from this point on can take their places. Especially now that the sole deciding factor in the semis will be the votes cast by the general public.

Stay tuned for part 2 where we will continue with our predictions.

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