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Top 10 Best Troll Acts of Eurovision Song Contest

Winning the Eurovision song contest is undoubtedly the dream of every participating country. When we first heard the songs of the Eurovision 2018, we thought that there were an unusually high number of good songs. Every country took it seriously. Except one! Moldova… Along with winning, they were there to have fun, to entertain, and to put on a memorable show!

But since we are talking about trolling, when compared to the trolls of past times, they were just a very cheerful bunch. Indeed “where have all those past trolls gone?” Eurovision trolls had their golden age between 2000 and 2010, and number of troll contestants have beeen in steady decline since then. In this video, we have listed our favorite Eurovision trolls for you.

Use the comments section to share the trolls that couldn’t make it into our top 10.


10- 2012 Montenegro: Rambo Amadeus / Euro Neuro (Eliminated in the semi-finals)
Unlike many other trolls on this list who asked for votes, Rambo made it clear that he had no ambition for winning the competition.
Euro neuro
I got no ambition for high position, in competition with air condition
He didn’t just talk about the issues like pollution. He also provided some useful advice for all of us.
Different mission, different school, I got only one rule
Always stay cool, like a swimming pool


9- 2006 Iceland: Silvia Night / Congratulations (Eliminated in the semi-finals)
As the singer got carried away in the role of Silvia Night, and made some rude remarks about Greek people before the contest, it’s no surprise she got booed by the audience when she stepped on stage.
The vote is in, I’ll freaking win
Too bad for all the others
As a result, both her out of stage attitude and her song lyrics weren’t well received and she got eliminated in the semi final.
Eurovision nation, your dream’s coming true
You’ve been waiting and waiting for me to save you

8- 2008 Ireland: Dustin the Turkey / Irelande Douze Pointe  (Eliminated in the semi-finals)
First they asked for 12 points. Then they referenced their country’s Eurovision champion, Johnny Logan … and then they asked for 12 points again.
Give us your twelve today
You’re all invited to Dublin, Ireland
And we’ll party the Shamrock way
…and again:
Irelande douze pointe – Irelande douze pointe
Irelande douze pointe – Irelande douze pointe
In the end, they were eliminated in the semi-final.


7- 1987 Israel: Datner & Kushnir / Shir Habatlanim
In 1987, Datner and Kushnir, the Israeli duo dressed in the Blues Brothers style, put on a fun performance that we weren’t used to see in Eurovision in those days.
At around noon I send the dog
With a basket made of straw to buy me some groceries
When he comes back, I make us both lunch
Because the birds have eaten all the seeds
Their performance that could be considered trolling by 1987 standards, brought them the 8th place.


6- 2007 United Kingdom: Scooch / Flying The Flag (for You)
If the songs that will compete at Eurovision were being moderated, these lyrics could have been censored.
Pull firmly on the red cord and blow into the mouthpiece
Would you like something to suck on for landing, sir?
Luckily, there is no such thing and we have had the chance to watch troll performances we can make videos about.


5- 2008 Latvia: Pirates Of The Sea / Wolves Of The Sea
The pirates of Latvia were on stage not to compete, but to steal the great treasure.
There’s a treasure in sight
We are robbing you blind
I hope you don’t mind
We are taking it all tonight
At the end of the night, they couldn’t steal the grand prize from Dima Bilan, but they certainly had a memorable performance.


4- 2007 Ukraine: Verka Serduchka / Dancing Lasha Tumbai
More than the song lyrics, Verka Serduchka left his mark on Eurovision with his costumes and performance.
Hello everybody, my name is Verka Serduchka
Me English don’t understand
Let’s speak dance


3- 2012 Russia: Buranovskiye Babushki / Party For Everybody
We were all trolled by Russian grandmas in 2012.
I’m spreading a tablecloth carefully, waiting for my children
The dough is rising and my heart is cheering
But this was probably the most adorable trolling we could ever see at Eurovision Song Contest.
Party for everybody – dance
Come on and dance
Come on and dance
Come on and boom boom


2- 2008 Spain: Rodolfo Chikilicuatre / Baila El Chiki Chiki
Rodolfo Chikilicuatre is a comedic character from spanish tv played by David Fernández Ortiz. He brought his character on Eurovision stage to teach us how to do the Chiki Chiki Dance!
And the Chiki Chiki is danced this way:
One: the breakdance
Two: the crossed legs
Three: the Michael Jackson
Four: the Robocop


1- 2006 Lithuania: LT United / We Are The Winners
You sure remember LT United from Lithuania, who in advance declared themselves the winner of the contest.
We are the winners of Eurovision
(We are, we are, we are, we are)
A lot of contestants asked for votes in their song lyrics, but no one else’s call was taken as seriously.
Yeah, so you gotta vote (vote), vote (vote)
Vote for the winners
Vote (vote), vote (vote)
Vote for the winners
LT United didn’t win the Eurovision, but finishing 6th with their catchy song, wasn’t a bad result at all.

Thanks for watching and sharing your comments! See you in another video!

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