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Phenomenal – Noa Kirel (Unicorn) & Mae Muller (I Wrote a Song)

That’s what it is! Phenomenal. Noa Kirel finally released her song “Unicorn” and it’s a very good one. Israel can dream again with “Unicorn”. Noa Kirel has great vocals and this song appears to be a great opportunity to showcase the strength of her voice.

Noa is already huge in Israel and in 2 months time everyone in Europe will know her name. She is a global star in the making. It also doesn’t hurt that she looks like a supermodel.

The only downside is that she won’t have much of a chance to demonstrate her best dance moves. Noa is a good dancer and we were expecting a more upbeat tune from her. Similar to Chanel’s song last year.

Nevertheless, we have no doubt that she is going to do great on the Eurovision stage. Israel hasn’t had a song this good in a long time. Noa is definitely one of the favorites.

So, it’s Mae Muller for the United Kingdom with her song “I Wrote A Song”. Sam Ryder was one of our favorites last year and he set the standards very high. So high they were up in the space.

Did Mae Muller live up to those high expectations? It’s a big yes from us. She came out with one of the best songs the UK has ever sent to the contest. We love it. It is such a bop, that she is going to burn that stage in Liverpool.

We just can’t stop listening to it. A good stage performance and we know we will be rooting for this one.

In upcoming episodes we will keep sharing our thoughts on all the participants of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

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