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What’s Not to Like? – Tell Me More – TuralTuranX

“Tell me more”, the song by “TuralTuranX” turned out far better than we expected from the twins. Don’t get us wrong. The duo was unknown to us before their participation in Eurovision was announced by ITV.

It’s very different to what we are used to seeing from Azerbaijan, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This is definitely a good time to try something new, as they weren’t getting great results in recent years anyway.

We are aware that the song has been getting mixed reactions since release, and true it’s not your regular Eurovision song. But, we like it. Listening to these guys, we get Simon & Garfunkel vibes. It’s clear they have been heavily influenced by the 1960s American folk rock music.

Being Simon & Garfunkel fans, we have got a soft spot for this type of music. We are not sure if a tune like this can do well at Eurovision though, especially now that the juries won’t be allowed to vote in the semis.

Still, if their live performance is anywhere near as good to what we hear in the video, they should qualify for the final.

With the addition of Azerbaijan’s song, it’s time for our Top 35 list. You will be seeing changes to this list with every new episode since some songs have a more lasting appeal than others. Without much ado, here are our current favorites.

In upcoming episodes we will keep sharing our thoughts on all the participants of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

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