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Our Eurovision 2023 Predictions – Part 2 – Uncertainties!

This is the second part of our Eurovision predictions. We want to make it clear that we are not afraid to change our minds if we come across a spectacular live performance by any of the contestants.

We want to add, that unlike in our previous videos, this is not a list of our favorite songs. These are just our thoughts on each country’s chances.

Without much ado, let’s continue from where we left off.

26 Belgium
Belgium is one of the countries that are walking on a tightrope. If we have to guess their chances of going to the final, they will probably go through, as they are competing in the weaker semifinal.

25 Greece

We said it before: Victor is a very talented young artist with strong vocals, but Greece too can fall on either side of the fence. We are really looking forward to seeing how the general public will respond to this song.

24 Estonia

We expect Estonia to make it to the final, but they are not a lock. We consider Estonia a very underrated Eurovision country. Last year’s song by Stefan only managed to come 13th despite having winner qualities.

23 Portugal

We enjoy Mimicat’s colorful performance a lot. We would love to see her in the final, but the first semifinal is the group of death and this song is not 100% safe from being eliminated.

22 Croatia

The staging prevents us from calling it boring, but we find Croatia’s song too repetitive. When we look at all the songs competing in the first semifinal, we don’t really want to see this one qualify. But we can see the general public voting them into the final.

21 Switzerland

We expect Switzerland to go to the final, but they are not entirely safe either. We have some doubts if the public will respond well to this song.

20 Slovenia

From this point on, we enter the territory of the songs that are extremely unlikely to get eliminated. Seeing Slovenia’s live performances, we think they will make it to the final.

19 Germany

Sure, we know that Germany is one of the automatically qualified countries, but instead of excluding them from the list, we thought we would discuss their chances in the grand final. Right now, we expect a mid-table result for Germany.

18 Moldova

We think Moldova will make it to the final and probably end up anywhere between 10th and 20th places.

17 Lithuania

This is a pleasant song, and we anticipate that it will qualify easily. However, we do not expect it to have a significant impact in the final.

16 Cyprus

It’s no secret that we find this song a bit generic, but Andrew’s stage presence should be more than enough to send Cyprus into the final.

15 Serbia

If you’ve seen our previous videos, you know this is not one of our favorite songs. However, Luke Black is a fan favorite and he should do well in the televoting. Therefore, we believe he will qualify for the final.

14 Armenia

A unique song with strong vocals! There is no reason Armenia should not qualify. She may also do well in the grand final.

We will continue our predictions for all the countries in the next video.

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