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A Look Back at the First Semifinal – Eurovision Song Contest 2023

It’s safe to say that this was one of the toughest semifinals in Eurovision history. With 15 very good performances but only 10 spots in the final, it was inevitable that some would be disappointed with the results.

The stress levels were so high during the announcement of the last qualifying country, Norway’s Alessandra, who kind of knew she was going to make it to the final, almost had a heart attack until she heard her own name. So even though there were no surprises in the end, for a minute there we actually thought an upset was possible.  

Let’s start by discussing the eliminated contestants.

NQ- Latvia – Sudden Lights – Aijā
This was hands down the best non-qualified song of the night. We liked it from the very first day we heard it. The only problem we can think of is that it wasn’t flashy enough, thus it went unnoticed.

NQ- Malta – The Busker – Dance (Our Own Party)
We had fun watching The Busker. It’s a shame they won’t be able to keep spreading the joy in the grand final.

NQ- Azerbaijan – TuralTuranX – Tell Me More
Say what you want about Azerbaijan, but don’t try to convince us that this is a bad song, because it isn’t.

NQ- Ireland – Wild Youth – We Are One
We thought this was a fantastic performance. The problem is they were like 30 years late, otherwise they would have a shot at winning the contest.

NQ- Netherlands – Nicolai & Cooper – Burning Daylight
Another decent performance from the night. Just like the other eliminated countries, there was nothing wrong with their performance. It’s just that someone had to go.

So these were the eliminated countries. What did you guys think about their performances. Did your favorite make it to the final? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Let’s continue with the qualified countries.

Croatia – Let 3 – Mama ŠČ!
We are not usually fond of troll entries, but every Eurovision final needs one. So this is it.

Moldova – Pasha Parfeni – Soarele și Luna
This was without a doubt one of the strongest performances of the night. Pasha seemed so self confident you could see it from a mile away.

Portugal – Mimicat – Ai Coração
We love ourselves some Mimicat. What an improvement over her national final performance. The best Portuguese entry in years.

Switzerland – Remo Forrer – Watergun
Remo did what he was supposed to do: Give us a decent performance. That was more than enough to send him to the final.

Serbia – Luke Black – Samo mi se spava
We don’t like songs with dark themes, but we recognize a good performance when we see it. This was a very good performance.

Czechia – Vesna – My Sister’s Crown
This was one of Czechia’s best songs in years. We loved every second of it. They should do well in the final.

Israel – Noa Kirel – Unicorn
So it turns out that the impressive rehearsal clip they shared was from the last part of the song. We can confidently say that this was still a very good performance, but definitely not on Chanel or Foureira level.

Norway – Alessandra – Queen of Kings
Just give her the trophy and call it a night. Promise we won’t complain. This is one of the most epic songs in the history of Eurovision. It just had to be in the grand final.

Finland – Käärijä – Cha Cha Cha
We love the green man. It is not possible to dislike him. He has got winner vibes all over him.

Sweden – Loreen – Tattoo
If you ever made a mistake of doubting her, now you have surely come to your senses. Up until last night, we thought this could be a close race. But after seeing Loreen’s semifinal performance Loreen looks way ahead of others to us.

Stay tuned for our upcoming videos, where we will bring you the best fan made Eurovision content.

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