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Who Will Qualify for the final of Eurovision 2023 – Our Early Predictions

Running orders for both semi-finals will be with you in a moment. Watch this video without skipping, so you don’t miss our thoughts on who’s going to make it to the grand final. In the first semi-final, Sweden, Israel, Norway, Finland, and Czechia are definitely going to the grand final. We just can’t see them not qualifying.

With Pasha Parfeni’s killer stage presence, Moldova is also very likely to secure a spot in the final.

Serbia is also looking good to make the cut.

For everybody else, it’s a dice roll. There is going to be a nail-biting fight for the remaining three spots and they are all very good in their own unique ways.

In the second semi-final, which we believe is the weaker one of the two, we find Austria, Georgia, Armenia, Australia, Lithuania and Slovenia too good to go out. And Poland, Romania, San Marino, Belgium too weak to stay in. Albania will probably be the next one to get eliminated despite a strong vocal performance by Albina and her family.

In a perfect world, Estonia, Cyprus, Greece, Denmark and Iceland should be competing for the next four spots; but anything can happen in Eurovision.

As we inch closer to the contest, we will keep you posted with all the details on each country’s chances.

Stay tuned for our next video, where we will be breaking down the Top 37 list according to odds.

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