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POTENTIAL WINNERS! – Eurovision 2023 Predictions – Part 3

It’s time to wrap up our Eurovision predictions. If you missed the first two parts, you can watch them by clicking the links in the description field. We want to add, that unlike in our previous videos, this is not a list of our favorite songs. These are just our thoughts on each country’s chances.

Without much ado, let’s continue from where we left off.

13 Australia

We believe this song will easily qualify for the final. We anticipate that they will end up between 10th and 20th places. We won’t be surprised if they get an even better result.

12 Ukraine

Unlike the bookies who predict a Top 5 result for Ukraine, we think they will be lucky if they can finish just outside the Top 10. If there were such odds, we would bet on bookmakers losing all the money they put on Ukraine.

11 Czechia

Qualifying for the final won’t be a problem for Czechia. This song can potentially get a Top 10 result in the grand final. Vesna’s performance on the night is going to decide their fate.

10 Georgia

Georgia is the biggest dark horse of this year’s competition. No, Iru is not winning the contest, but she is so far behind in the odds it’s ridiculous. With those vocals, she will definitely make it to the final. Georgia’s best ever result is on the horizon.

9 United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s song is one of our favourites. It’s the most enjoyable song of the year for us. A Top 10 result is not impossible if Mae shows up with her best live performance.

8 Spain

Spain has been rising in the odds. Blanca has got a great voice and her live performance is nothing short of amazing. Spain should comfortably finish within the Top 10.

7 Austria

This is one of the better Austrian songs in Eurovision history. They should progress to the final with ease.

6 Italy

Italy has been the most successful country in recent years out of the Big 5. We have been predicting a good result for them since day 1. Even the bookmakers are finally noticing this song by placing it within the Top 10.

5 Israel

Israel has been falling behind in the odds, but that doesn’t mean they will have trouble qualifying for the big night. We anticipate a Top 5 result in the final.

4 Norway

Alessandra should easily make it to the final, but we don’t expect her to win the whole thing. A Top 5 result is highly possible for this song.

3 France

This song’s popularity has been steadily growing. We don’t think France is going to win the contest, but a Top 3 finish won’t be a surprise.

2 Finland

This song is the only real threat to Loreen’s Tattoo. We expect a very close race. Loreen will probably still win eventually, but it’s not going to be as easy as the odds suggest.

1 Sweden

She is winning the polls, the odds, fan contests and everything. All the signs are pointing in the same direction. The hype is very high that a potential loss would be the biggest upset in Eurovision history.

Stay tuned for our upcoming videos, where we will bring you the best fan made Eurovision content.

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