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Countdown To The First Song Of Eurovision 2021 – Great Songs At National Finals

Eurovision Song Contest will be back in 2021 after a year of unexpected break. In the coming months, we will see a number of national finals across Europe, and we will have all the songs by March 2021. Right now, we are at the starting point of this great marathon, and it’s only a couple of days before we get the first song of Eurovision Song Contest 2021. As we have been used to, the song will come from Albania.

We have expressed our admiration for Festival i Këngës multiple times. It’s a big music event in its own right, and with 59th edition taking place this year, it’s almost as old as Eurovision. 26 contestants will take the stage at Festival i Këngës and only one of them  will get the ticket to Eurovision. We have listened to all the songs and here are our favourite 5 songs from the 59th Festival i Këngës. (Watch the video for songs!)

We think that songs other than these 5 songs, won’t have any chance at Eurovision. Regardless of who wins the competition, it’s impossible to comment on their chances right now.  But we do know one thing: Albania always sends good songs to Eurovision. There is a certain quality to their songs every year and we can’t wait to see their winner this year. The final of Festival i Këngës is on December 23.

After Albania, Israel and France will be choosing their songs in January. Eden Alene, who was set to represent Israel in 2020, will be returning to Eurovision this year. 9 songs were released initially by the broadcaster, and 3 of those songs will be chosen for the selection event, that will be “on” in January. Apparently, the songs will be improved after being selected, but in their current form, we find this lineup weaker than last year. Here are the ones that we like so far! (Watch the video for songs!)

Next, are the songs of France. We picked 5 songs for this video, and here they are, in no particular order: (Watch the video for songs!)

It was previously announced that Uku Suviste would not be returning for Estonia in 2021, but he would try his luck in Eesti Laul. After listening to all the songs in the competition, we can easily say Uku Suviste is a big favourite to win the national final once again.

In our opinion, if he wins Eesti Laul this year, his chances at Eurovision will definitely be higher than last year. Here are our favourite songs from Eesti Laul. (Watch the video for songs!)

While Italy and Croatia revealed the participants for their national competitions, Cyprus will be represented by Elena Tsagrinou with her song “El Diablo”. The song is expected to be released in March 2021.

And finally, here is a quick preview of Melodifestivalen contestants. There are many names that you may recognize from the pastyears.

Thank you for watching our videos and sharing your comments! Have a good time until we meet again in the next video!

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