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Our Top 37 After LIVE Performances – was With Comments for Major Changes on the List

It’s time to revise our Top 37 list after seeing how the artists performed in a number of Eurovision Pre-Parties. There is still a month to go until the contest and nothing we say here is final. As of right now here is our Top 37 list after seeing live performances.

We are not going to comment on every song but to demonstrate the jumps and drops, we have included the songs’ previous positions as they appeared in our earlier “Favourites” video.

Without further ado, let’s move on to our list.

37- was 3 United Kingdom

It’s a shame we had to drop this song all the way down to the bottom as it was one of our favourites to win the contest when we first heard it. Unfortunately Mae Muller’s live appearances haven’t been promising so far. We think she is more than capable of a good vocal performance, but right now, ranking this higher would be unfair to all other artists. The song still has potential to do some damage, we just want to hear the vocal performance we expected all along.

36- was 37 Poland
Thanks to Mae, Blanka temporarily jumped a position in our rankings.

35 Romania

34- was 36 San Marino

33 Denmark

32 Belgium

31- was 30 Ukraine

30- was 31 Croatia

29- was 25 Malta

28- was 26 Ireland

27- was 29 Serbia

26- was 28 Germany

25- was 27 Greece

24- was 34 Albania

Since we are now ranking the singers by their vocals, it only makes sense that Albina makes a big jump. We still find the song boring if you are wondering.

23 Moldova

22- was 24 Iceland

21- was 22 Slovenia

20- was 21 Cyprus

19- was 20 Lithuania

18- was 19 Netherlands

17- was 18 Latvia

16- was 15 Azerbaijan

15- was 16 Estonia

14 Portugal

13 Australia

12- was 9 Czechia

11- was 8 France

10- was 12 Switzerland

9- was 11 Austria

8- was 17 Armenia

One of the biggest jumps came from Armenia. Brunette has impressive vocals.

7- was 6 Finland

6- was 5 Israel

5- was 4 Italy

4- was 10 Georgia
Iru is just phenomenal. This song is growing on us the more we see her perform.
3- was 2 Norway

2- was 7 Spain

1 Sweden

No matter how many live performances we see, Loreen is still the best one.

Stay tuned for our upcoming videos, where we will bring you the best fan made Eurovision content.

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