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Our Favourite Songs from Eurovision 2023 – With Comments for All Songs – Top 37

Here are our Top 37 favorite songs with comments.

37 Poland

The public outcry was so loud in Poland that everyone in Europe has heard about the questionable decision of the juries. There is a reason this is the most disliked song of the year. We stand with Polish people here.

36 San Marino

This is one of San Marino’s weakest entries in recent years. This song making it to the final would be a big surprise.

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35 Romania

Romania managed to choose one of the worst songs from that national final. This is yet another song that will surprise us if it makes it to the final.

34 Albania

We believe Albania should have sent Elsa Lila to Eurovision. Although we like Albina’s strong voice and performance, the song is nothing special.

33 Denmark

Denmark is yet another country that picked the weakest song in the national final.

32 Belgium
Belgium’s song isn’t as bad as the songs we’ve mentioned so far, but it’s not one of our favourites, either.

31 Croatia

Croatia is coming to troll the competition this year. We’ll laugh and have fun, but let’s be honest, we don’t really like this song.

30 Ukraine

We don’t understand why this song ranks so high in the odds. This one finishing in the Top 10, would be so unfair to other songs.

29 Serbia

In Serbia, Luke Black had the most original song and staging. However, we are not in the mood for songs with dark themes. Bring on some cheerful and positive songs.

28 Germany

This is one of the best songs from Germany in recent years. Their performance in the national final was very good. However, we were disappointed seeing Patty Gurdy’s magical song finish last in the national final.

27 Greece

We feel it’s time for Greece to go back to their roots and send more ethnic songs like they used to. Victor is a very talented young artist, but we highly doubt that this song will bring them the success they have been longing for.

26 Ireland

Ireland’s glorious Eurovision days are well past them. This song isn’t bad, but it will be tough for them to get out of that semi-final.

25 Malta
We find Malta’s song very entertaining. Let’s stop about guessing its chances. We think they’ll spice up the night.

24 Iceland

It was the best song Iceland could choose in the national final, but the competition is much stronger at Eurovision.

23 Moldova

Moldova usually does good in Eurovision, exceeding expectations. Although this year’s song did not impress us much, Pasha Parfeni’s performance may get a good result.

22 Slovenia

Slovenia’s song is good. They will probably give us a great stage performance.

21 Cyprus

The song of Cyprus is a bit generic, but not bad. May finish higher with a good staging.

20 Lithuania

Lithuania has been consistently sending good songs in recent years. This year’s song is yet another one of them.

19 Netherlands

Dutch song is fine. We like what we have seen so far. The only problem is that they are in the stronger semi-final.

18 Latvia

We think Sudden Lights deservedly won the national final in Latvia. We’ve said it before, but this is probably the most under-rated song of the year

17 Armenia

This is a pretty good song by Armenia. We expect to see this in the final after a good stage performance.

16 Estonia

We think Estonia made the right choice in the national final. Both Alika’s performance and the staging were very good.

15 Azerbaijan

“TuralTuranX” exceeded our expectations so far. The problem is, just like Netherlands, they will be in the stronger one of the two semi-finals.

14 Portugal

Mimicat’s colorful and entertaining performance made this the best song of the Portuguese National final. We do like it.

13 Australia

Australia always sends good songs to Eurovision. This year’s song is no exception. We expect a good performance.

12 Switzerland

Switzerland has been one of the better Eurovision countries in recent years. Depending on the live performance, a good result is possible with this song.

11 Austria

This is the best Austrian song since 2018. They can finally go back to the grand final.

10 Georgia

After winning Junior Eurovision in 2011 and “The Voice Georgia” this year, Iru will be looking to leave her mark in Eurovision. This song could bring Georgia their best result ever.

9 Czechia

This is one of the best songs Czechia sent to Eurovision. It could shine if they can improve the  staging.

8 France

This is a pretty good song too. If all goes well, we expect it to be in the Top 10.

7 Spain

After last year’s success, the expectations are high for Blanca. The song is very good and her voice is very strong, so she will be fine.

6 Finland

Finland is one of the biggest favourites this year. The song gets more addictive, every time you listen to it.

5 Israel

Israel hasn’t had a song this good in a long time. Noa Kirel is already a star in her home country. We have no doubt that she will do well on the Eurovision stage.

4 Italy

This is one of Italy’s best songs in recent years. We are not sure why it doesn’t get more love from the bookmakers.

3 United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s song was one of our favourites until we heard it live. It’s going to be hard to keep them up here, if her live performance is not drastically improved. The song has the winning potential, but the vocals would have had a hard time qualifying for the final if the UK hadn’t been automatically pre-qualified.

2 Norway

We think the Norwegian song is amazing. Alessandra is already successful, considering she was up against a competitor like Ulrikke Brandstorp. This is one of the songs that we would be happy to see win the Eurovision.

1 Sweden

Many already view Loreen as the winner of this year’s contest. Tattoo is one of our favorite songs, ever since we first heard it.

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