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Outrageous! A Look Back at the 2nd Semifinal – Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Did we just witness one of the best vocals of the night get eliminated just like that? What kind of a joke is this?

We don’t even need to tell you who we are talking about. We will have more to say on that in a minute, but let’s just quickly mention the other eliminated songs.

The 2nd semifinal was without a doubt the weaker one of the two semifinals this year. Some songs were screaming “elimination” even before the show began. Let’s get into that.

NQ- Romania
Theodor looks like a nice fellow, so we are sorry to say this, but this song was doomed from the moment it was selected as Romania’s entry for this year’s competition.

NQ- San Marino
Elimination of San Marino was also long expected by Eurovision fans. The inevitable finally occurred last night.

NQ- Greece
We don’t want to be too harsh on Victor because he is actually a very talented young singer. He seemed too excited just to be on the big stage. We wish him well in the future.

NQ- Denmark
We got the impression that Reiley was also too excited, and having one of the weaker songs didn’t help his case either.

NQ- Iceland
Dilja gave us an incredible vocal performance. No question about that. But, the song was nothing special and she probably acted a bit too much with those moves she was making.

NQ- Georgia
We can’t imagine the disappointment Georgian Eurovision fans might be feeling right now. We get it they are a small country and they don’t have a huge diaspora all over Europe like some other countries. But this amazing performance shouldn’t have gone to waste just like that.

We initially welcomed a “Televote-only” voting system. But it may not have been the best idea after all. On behalf of all disappointed fans, we apologize to Iru, that there weren’t enough of us voting to send her to the grand final. You may have failed to qualify last night, but you have surely gained a legendary status, as one of the best non-qualified performers of all time.

So these were the eliminated countries. What did you guys think about their performances. Did your favorite make it to the final? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Let’s continue with the qualified countries.

We have been reading some comments saying Poland should have been eliminated instead of Georgia. We don’t actually agree with those comments. Anybody could have been eliminated instead of Georgia, because Iru was simply great. When it comes to Poland, we were pleasantly surprised with Blanka’s performance. She looked and sounded way better than we expected. She should be given a special trophy for the most improved performance since national selections. That was an amazing presentation compared to what she showed us in the national final. Congratulations Poland for making it to the big night.

Gustaph had a very good performance as well, but, with all due respect, we have made it clear multiple times that this is not the kind of song we like.

Slovenia’s song was not one of our favorites either, but we can’t deny that they did well on that stage.

We are glad to see Estonia in the final. It was a good performance by Alika.

No surprises here. This is probably the most charming song of the year.

Albania wasn’t the bookmakers’ favorite, but Albina’s vocals were simply out of this world. Well deserved! Congratulations to Albania.

This was a very impressive performance by Brunette. She had it all. The voice, the visuals, the moves… You go girl.

They are our favorite band this year. Voyager simply rocked that stage. Looking forward to see how they will rank in the final.

We actually quite enjoyed this song when it was released but we grew tired of it. Still a strong entry considering many people will be hearing it for the first time on saturday. Well deserved to be in the final.

Andrew is easily the best male vocalist of the year. Cyprus is back in the final after last year’s disappointment.

Stay tuned for our upcoming videos, where we will bring you the best fan made Eurovision content.

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