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Loreen is Back – Mimicat – Victor Vernicos

So, there were no surprises at Melodifestivalen. Loreen is back with another great song. Euphoria was a great song making Loreen one of the best Eurovision winners of all time. And “Tattoo” has the potential to turn her into a Eurovision legend.

She means so much to Eurovision fans, even hearing the news that she was going to be back in Melfest action, was a reason to get excited about. We love the song, and there are no ifs and buts. Tattoo is just a great piece of music.

That doesn’t mean we are not going to talk about how great Melfest has been this year. Some years we are just having a hard time deciding which contest is better! (Melfest or Eurovision?)

This is one of those years that almost all the songs competing in the final were very good. Here are our favourite songs from Melodifestivalen.

We especially have to mention “One Day” by Mariette. We can’t stop listening to this song. She deserved much better than 8th place. This was her fifth time at Melfest, and we just want to see her in Eurovision someday.

“Ai Coração” by Mimicat was the best song in the Portuguese National selection.

We have mixed feelings about Greece’s entry. It’s an OK song but it’s not the type of song we would expect to see from Greece. They will be lucky if they can make it to the final.

It is time for our Top 34 list. This list will keep changing with every new edition because some songs just get better over time. Expect a huge overhaul after we see all the live performances. Without much ado, here is the list.

In upcoming episodes we will keep sharing our thoughts on all the participants of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

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